Monday, 29 September 2008

The Problem...

When it comes to deciding on a subject to research for my Masters, I had to think about what was important to me. Obviously jewellery had to play a part in it, otherwise why did I study it for three years for? The other (given that I would like to go into teaching) was dyslexia. I've been mildly dyslexic all my life and I have also been exposed to a lot of information about it since I was a kid thanks to my dad being an optician. It's kind of a family thing as well. What I find interesting however in relation to teaching is that it's become a label. Children are dyslexic at the drop of a hat these days, and it is a very important issue to address and in my experience at art school there is a huge number of dyslexics. Knowing that so many people, even in just the jewellery department, were dyslexic made my decision easier as understanding it would help me understand them (& myself) a little better.

In relation to design it's even simpler to realise the downfalls in what is actually a very affective method of helping dyslexics. Colourimetry is the use of coloured lenses or overlays in order to make reading easier. Think about it. How often do you look at a bright white page with black lettering and your head goes a little fuzzy? Or twinkly in my case. By using coloured overlays it helps to relax the eyes and aid reading - however it has aprox and 80% failure rate as children just don't use them.

A proved aid is being ignored because overlays are cumbersome and glasses hold a certain stigma - in particular at a young age - so is there an easier way?

Let's see over the year!

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