Saturday, 18 October 2008

Lights, Camera, Jellyfish...

Jelly-lights are light sculptures designed by Dirk Rutten & Jeroen Kascha (for NXT Designs), they are made of transparent rubber, laced with fiber optic strands throughout its structure. They range from 1.5 - 3 meters in diameter, produce little to no heat, have no electricity passing directly through them and by fitting an optical colour wheel programmed with a range of colours, they can, 'create a huge assortment of dynamic colour schemes, a lightshow hanging from your ceiling'.

They can alter their environment , the mood of an environments theoretically the people within it through subtle colour changes.

I love them, for two reasons, one, they remind me so much of one of my favourite designers work, Dale Chihuly's Persian series. In particular his epic piece in which he places hundreds of pieces of glass sea forms onto a false glass ceiling above the exhibition space. In one image I've seen (though could not find) he ceiling has been suspended so close low in the exhibition that although people were able to walk around beneath, most lay on the ground and viewed Chihuly's work that way.

Two is the slightly sad fact that I absolutely love fibre optics. There's just something about the iridescence that kind of shimmer that dim glow of colour that I just love. In third year I did a project based on tidal water current maps which I made this large neck piece out of them. But I never got as far as adding a light source which I always regretted. Eventually I hope to manage incorporating fibre optics and LEDs elegantly into my jewellery (so it doesn't become ridiculously fragile or look like a bottle brush)...that or maybe I should just start trying to design ambient lighting?

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