Sunday, 7 December 2008

Live Scribe

Live Scribe’ is a product intended to alleviate the pressure of note taking & facilitate the process by recording sound bites as you write.

I found this online recently after wondering about using sound recording devices as part of my design work...or at least looking at it as a possibility. If anything I’d just like one for myself as half the time my notes make sense to a point and then I’ll miss a vital piece of information because I haven’t quite kept up or I’ve only written down half a comment.

The fact that the Live Scribe Pen records what is said as you write and you’re able to access specific parts of the recording by tapping on the Live Scribe Dot Paper pad provided is brilliant! The Pad acts as a control panel and because of the arrangement of dots on the surfaces allows an infrared camera on the pens tip to record everything your right or draw, you can even print your own, so I think, would really appeal to dyslexics, or even people who’s hand-writing strays (much like mine) half way through their notes because it can act as a back up.

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