Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How to Cure Dyslexia: Little Else

Little Else by How to Cure Dyslexia. My sister bought this EP months ago and I never really paid it any attention, though I did like the bands name. She described the album as not very good. But I've fallen in love with this song because of the video I found to go with it. It uses finger spelling (American, not British despite them being Londoners) throughout the video and I love that use of a visual language. Reading is difficult because people with disorders such as dyslexia have problems with the fact that they think in visuals.

In The Gift in Dyslexia by Ron Davis he discribes the scenario of a 3 year old being introduced to a kitten. The kitten is curled in the corner in an amorphus lump of fur, but the child instantly recognises it as a kitten. At a 5 he's introduced to the word and doesn't make the connection because he doesn't realise the two are connected. He works in visuals.

However, with the song I've know idea what they're spelling out.

v i s u a l

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David said...

Its supposed to be spelling out the lyrics. i'm gutted that your sister didn't like the album.