Thursday, 23 April 2009

Blog off...

I had considered giving up on the old blog, starting afresh elsewhere, but to be honest, what good would it do to give up?

I admit, I am in a giving up kind of mood at the moment, my head not really in the right place, but again, what good would it do to give up?

I've got a backlog of things to blog about, and though I doubt anyone reads this, I hope to start blogging properly again once our assessments are through and I can concentrate...or at least have a moment to let my head clear of this horrible fog.

Anyway, instead of giving up, I'm revamping a little to make it feel a little more like mine rather than a template. Haven't decided on a colour yet, but I quite like the grey, it's easy to read off of. Which is probably a good start.


Nicola Wyllie said...

I read it emily :D....I know you must be sooooo busy right now but its nice you know what your up to :)


Emily said...

Auw, thank you Nicola, I'll try and update it more regularly again :)

Hope you guys are getting on okay, I saw the state of your studio this morning and I can't believe the stuff that's been dumped in there for the revamp of the office.

How you'll actually get in the room on Monday is beyond me!