Friday, 15 May 2009


These are possibly the silliest and weirdest design for eye wear I've seen over the entire length of my product research this year.

Designed by Azumi & David (A'N'D), fashion graduates from Central Saint Martins, the couple have designed an extensive range of packing tape 'things to wear' (preferring this term to fashion accessories) including watches, bracelets, belts, ties and the above glasses. The proviso with these products being that you avoid direct contact with the skin. 

A funny little twist, but who's never put pieces of sellotape on their skin over the years just to see the pattern that comes off your skin or to torture a sibling? 

Among their other designs they sell necklaces which stamp watches and repetitive jewellery patterns on the skin, which is reminiscent of Tiffany Parbs 'Rash Stamps' and necklaces which use enlarged clasps as the focal point, in a similar styles as jewellery Laura Potter, who uses enlarged catches and earring backs (butterflies) to create her contemporary jewellery.

Despite their proviso and the serious doubt that these products actually give any sun protection in the slightest, I actually really love the concept of a lot of their designs. I admit to not liking a lot of conceptual jewellery, I'm really quite traditional - or possibly just overly safe - however, A'N'D's quirky style has actually begun to grow on me and the more I look into their other designs, the more I think this sort of product could fit into the consumerist, throw-away culture that exists.

Stick on...peel of...throw away...or...print on...wash off...

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