Monday, 4 May 2009


I admit to having an unhealthy love of post-its. I have pads and pads of them stashed around my room, my workshop and my desk at uni. They're stuck to everything with scribbled designs and little notes on their brightly coloured paper and what I found astonding in all of my research over the past few months is how often post-its are given as a suggested aid for dyslexics.

I've also noticed the unnatural obsession which Master of Design students seem to have for them also. We have been a class since September '08 and we must have used thousands of them in order to brain storm and critic work, keep and leave notes for one another...even in my case as a form of recycling and entertainment as I make lots of my used notes into origami cranes, which when I reach 1,000 should bring me a little luck.

This short film by Jeff Chiba Stearns animates the huge number of post-its (Stickie Notes) he uses during his design processes is amazing. He's examining the way he works and how, despite his method of documentation, his 'to-do lists' consumed his life meaning incredibly important world events seemed to pass him by.

If you haven't watched it, do, it's about 7 minutes long, but worth it.

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