Sunday, 14 June 2009


I love this graphic, I don't even know where I found it which is a little unfortunate as I can't cite it, however it does point out something (using specs) which I've been looking at in my research, the idea that styles come, go and sometimes come back with a loud groan until it comes to become the norm. What I currently find scary is that at 24 the fashions that I remember from the 90's are back. For example: leggings!


TJ said...

Haha this is funny! I wonder what other styles are coming back in fashion again! I recently read an article about the black lip there's a trend I rather see stuffed away in a big box and placed on a plane to Far Away Land ^_^!

Emily said...

Lol, yeah, I remember the joy of my friends wearing black lippy, always just looked like it was melting!

Maybe if we're lucky it'll slip away into the darkness and never resurface.

Em x