Friday, 3 October 2008


The Elexia Keyboard has been developed by BabelTech Ltd, the purpose of this product is to try and help ease the discomfort caused to some dyslexics when looking at the traditional black and white lettering on keyboards.

Elexia has been designed with a transluscent, back lit keyboard which, can produce up to '1.6 million colour' variables. The colours can be altered and blended via the red, green and blue dials at the side of the keyboard, even dimmed and brightened to change intensity and have been modelled on those defined by the treatment of Irlen Syndrome. As with the treatments of Irlen Syndrome (which includes dyslexia, visual difficulties and to help prevent migraines or headaches) using coloured glasses and overlays, the keyboards colour can be taylored to the individual sufferers needs and is designed to help help them percieve the letters more easily.

Although this product is not actually avaliable until 2009, I do think that it's a really interesting design, it could eventually be encorporated into computers as a standard given that so many already have backlit keyboards. I've never really looked at my keyboard as a dyslexic. I can touch type relatively efficiently and I am from a generation who grew up using computers from relatively early age (the first computer class I took at school which have been in Primary 4, 15 years ago, but it does flicker the way text does in books and on a computer screen for me. It does blur a little, but perhaps because the lettering is actually very far apart I'd never considered it. Either way the Elexia Keyboards has really intreged me, I would really like to see how it aids people.


hayesatlbch said...

You might like to look at the information at if you feel a need to remove your visual problems with reading.

Emily said...

Thank you for the link and for looking at my page. I've just had a look at both your website and blog and it's very informative.

Your 'See Right Dyslexia Glasses' are certainly a product which I would be interested in learning more about for my Masters project.

Thank you.