Friday, 3 October 2008

In Need of Directions?

At uni we're being encouraged to mind map as an alternative to the traditional method of franticly scribbling down every piece of information thrown at you throughout a lecture. I have to be honest, I've never really gotten to grips with mind mapping. The general format is to go from a central point and branch off with main pieces of information and then creating a new branch with each additional piece of information added... mind maps always end out incredibly conviluted.

Tony Buzan - who claims to have invented 'Mind Mapping' and is an authority on the subject - suggests that mind maps reflect what's going inside our heads when. That they help us classify and clarify our thoughts and also aid memory in business, studying etc. In the last few lectures I have made every effort to try mind mapping and even though I'm still geting slightly muddled, they do seem to help. I admit, I can't keep to the 'one branch, one word' concept and my maps turn out less like trees and more like webs, as each branch seems to end up connected to another miles away. They do, however make not taking notes a little easier and I can definetly see why they would be beneficial for brain storming design ideas.

This year shall be a mind mapping year.

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