Thursday, 9 October 2008

Home Away from Home...

Is it wrong to be missing my old studio way of life? I'm not surprised to be missing the workshop, I've not made anything in nearly a month, but right now I just feel like my workspace is so souless. It's all white boards and book and me on my computer for the majority of the day...and yet, when I go home into my own environment and with everything I need around me...I'm stuck. I can't work or read and I don't want to brave my workroom because by the time I've done my ritual clear down I'll have to leave it again. So instead I've wasted a days worth of petrol coming to a place where the most interesting part of my desk is the variety of coloured postits and the constilation of pin holes left by the last student.
I think I need to do a little bit of personalising... make my space my own and fill it with things that will distract me in a good way rather than making my head hurt.

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