Friday, 10 October 2008

A Room of Ones Own...

This is my postcard for week three, it's supposed to show how I feel this week has gone and what I have learnt...

...I've learnt I miss making. I miss my tool box and my workroom and just making things. So I took a photo of my toolbox trapped in the room at the back of the masters studio.

It has been a genuinely interesting week, we had a lecture on Wicked Problems and the Process's we use in order to create designs. We critically assessed a piece of work at an exhibition - which is not as much fun as you'd imagine - and I had my first day as Designer in Residence within the jewellery and metalwork department at DoJ.

It was great, I actually feel like I may have helped some of the girls in the class with the issues they have with their designs (mostly created by the conflict between tutors opinions which had confused them). Plus some of them talked to me about their experiences with dyslexia and my chosen area of research. So I have two willing interviewee's already, which is brilliant as one has only recently been diagnosed and the other has a long standing history with the condition and uses the coloured lenses. I'm really excited to be working with them all, it's nice to feel helpful again. I've really missed helping them out since leaving uni the first time.

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