Thursday, 16 October 2008

Processing Information...

In school art classes, I was given a process by which to Design, it was this:


Pretty basic as you can see, and I suppose at school, with limited numbers of boards allowed to be submitted for exams this was a perfect equation. Two boards of Research, two boards of Development and your final Outcome board. Yet, this is still the bases I work to 5, going on 6, years later after my final Blair High exam.

In my DLPSI lecture last week, Tom Inns set us the challenge of making a visual representation of our design process. This is mine.

It's based on the urban sprawl model that I referenced before and seem to be so fond of, except with fail safes and more kind like having more slip roads on the motorway as you break the law by answering your mobile phone - something I have never done or condone but I hope you get what I mean. These two elements (fail safes & communication) are both really very important in my design process, especially now that I have been through a degree and worked for and as a designer. Without discussion about projects I can't be sure anyone other than myself feels that they are worthwhile, or solve the questions which arise, which is where the fail safe 'slip roads' come into play. It doesn't matter how much work you do, how much Research and Development (R&D) you can't plan for everything. You always have to be prepared - like a good girl guide - and adapt to the new obstacles which arise.

When we hung them on the wall I had to try and explain this - Tom picked on my design and I was terrified it was because it wasn't complicated or detailed enough - especially the looping quality, which he thought of as like kneading bread in order to develop the texture, mix the ingredients and form the I guess that makes my Process model a great big Stottie?

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Sarah said...

Mad girl. I'm slipping you some nytol this weekend (or Valium if I can get my hands on it!) BTW, you know you only ever get picked because you're a genius person, even if you never see it yourself. Vodka mules all round tonight, I think (wow, this is a substance-based post!)