Saturday, 8 November 2008

Brand Me

Branding...okay, so in my head, after two years of researching body modificiation, my head immediately went to the practice of physical branding onto the skin using a hot wire. I joked with Kate that maybe we should take it literally as jewellers and create our own brands and imprint something into our skin. I was joking, I'd be too much of a wimp, Kate however - who is really into body modification, tattooing etc - says she's always fancied doing it.

Anyway we have to do a presentation about 'Brand Me' and rather than premanetly scaring my body to do a we bit of joke for my PowerPoint, instead I went for the pen and ink tattoo option. I don't think I really need Emily stamped on my wrist until I start loosing my mind, so give me until the end of my Masters. I wanted for this to be a little tongue in cheek because I have been struggling with this project a little I think I've now gotten into it a little more and realised it's more personal and not literally branding in the form of logos, hot wires & hallmarks. That has actually dissapointed me, as I've been trying to get one made & have yet had the insentive to part with the money given I'm not currently making. I have however finally downloaded the forms and half decided on the design. Which is a step forward.

I may use this as my reading week postcard (#6) but I haven't decided yet.


Kate said...

I am deadly serious about the branding! Honest! we can film it, or photograph it(so you can't hear my screams!!)Pleeeease x

Emily said...

You wanna do it & I'll help...but I won't promise not to faint or throw up or generally freak out a little. x