Saturday, 8 November 2008


Postcard design for week 7 - during our group project I kept folding up the old post-its and ones I'd scribbled notes & ideas down on and started turning them into little origami cranes.

Yes, I'm obsessed.

At work at my dad's opticians in Blair we've just taken down the window display full of cranes which my sister and I spent three days making & it is being shipped off to the practice in Broughty-Ferry because we got such a good reaction to it. Apparently lots of people have been just popping their head in the door to say how much they liked it & to find out who made of the local primary schools has even asked for us to come and teach the kids how to make them during a craft day.

Anyway, because everyone was going a little iCrazy, when Grace saw them she called them 'iBird' which I've corrupted into iBirdies and iLove them and I'm hoping that the Japanese tradition that anyone who folds a thousand cranes will be granted is true. Need a bit of luck.

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