Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Empire Biscuits...

Today we had a class by Alan Monroe about Scenarios & Persona and as part of it we decided to make something to bring in for lunch from the country we were born in. As a Scottish delicacy I made Empire Biscuits from my grans recipe and using some of her homemade jam. What's better is they all got eaten, so I was really chuffed.


The lecture was interesting, however between the first part and second, I got to talk to Alan about my own project & about Meares-Irlen Syndrome & how it manifests itself. It was interesting because he said a lot of the symptoms he actually suffered from and he seemed really interested. He also had been talking about how we generalise people into pigeonholes and end up designing for the wrong people which is why persona are so important.

Hazel ever suggested that Alan himself could end up being on of the persona's for my project.


Kate said...

did you have to put a picture of your oh so delicious biscuits mouth waters every time I see them...can you make me a party bag, just filled with those biscuits.xx

Emily said...

I'll make some for Christmas;)

You Jo & Dave can fight it out for them!


Qin said...

Guess i will join the fight as well... LoL

Emily said...

Lol, I'll save you some specially Qin, given you missed out while you were away;)