Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Supressed Creativity...


This is the most fascinating argument I have heard about the education system and its relationship (or lack there of) with creativity. Sir Ken Robinson speaks candidly and emotionally about his concern over child education and his belief that the traditional hierarchy of subjects is going to eventually drown out their real potential. Robinson does this in an incredibly comedic fashion which I think just makes his more effective as a speaker.

During the video above Robinson reveals that at school choreographer Gillian Lynne (who is responsible for Cats and Phantom of the Opera) was told she was hopeless & she may have a learn disorder. After a consultation a specialist left a radio on & told her mother to watch Lynne. He then went on to tell her, she wasn't sick, she was a dancer. She had to 'Move to think' and what may have been termed ADHD, a condition that at the time 'wasn't an available condition' was simply her manner of creativity. I think that's fascinating because he's right, at school we are taught the traditional hierachy of subjects: English; Science; Social Science; Art and Music. and we are steared away from the latter and told we will won't make a career of them even if that is where our strengths lie.

In my opinion Robinson's right "We are educating people out of their creativity."


Nicola Wyllie said...

Hey Emily

Wow what an interesting and very true view of our education system. Really makes you think if as children we were steered in the right direction.

Emily said...

I was certainly steered by certain teachers towards art, but they were few and far between.