Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Silver Bracelet with 9ct Gold Fidgets

Now, this was for my granny Betty. My dad wanted to give her something special and she's been threatening to steal my poetry bracelet since she first saw it, so I designed something brand new for her based on it.

If you knew my gran you'd know how obsessed she is with bracelets. She has them wrist to elbow some days and you can always hear her before you see her. The funniest part of making this was actually sizing it. Gran may where bracelets all the time, but if I asked to borrow one she'd have been suspicious. So dad and mum tricked her into trying on mine and then giving me an excuse to get out my bracelet sizer...the bracelet is tinier than all her others, but is still a little big.

These are both easy and a complete bugger to size! I want to make a series of things based on this now, I just need the time and the money to buy the materials.

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