Friday, 19 June 2009

Fashionable Fads?

So in my desire to make anything resembling jewellery I took the results from my Fashion Fads questionnaire and made them into a necklace. This is actually a mock-up because the photos I took of it did not turn out very well. Which was a shame, but my photoshopping skills aren't too bad so I'm actually really happy with this picture.

The idea was that they would go in order of popularity and repeated mention, except I dropped them all and wanted to go to my bed, so in the end it was just what went together. Once I get some more results I'll redo the necklace in another form - this year I seem to be all about the iteration and reiteration.

Anyway so for the trends showed:
- bracelets
- bright colours
- multiples & layers
- alternative meaning (friendship, causes & karma)
- alternative fastenings (eg: magnets)

...nothing I couldn't have already told you, but it's reassuring that I'm not completely out of touch and indeed scary at the number of trends I remember and actually participated in.

The shame!

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