Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sound Advice...

I came across this project today called The Sound Advice Project, which is a project which attempts to deter teenagers from drug use through the use of jewellery.

By recording an anti drug use message or any positive affirmation or frequently reiterated statement, a sound wave is created and then translated into a three dimensional form using varying sizes of beads. This allows the parents to give their child a message which they can keep with them without it being blazoned across their chests. The parents gains piece of mind and the child gets an interesting piece of jewellery which actually means something to them.
Designed by David Bizer, while there is no high tech software or sound within the piece itself, the ideas of using sound waves is actually quite intriguing to me, especially as the one visualisation I would always use on Media Player (before the dawn of iTunes) was the simple sound wave. It's simple, it's personal, but it's not overtly preaching or nagging.

For example, a few years ago my parents bought me a simple little bracelet with a strip of silver stamped with the word 'create' suspended on an orange chord. It was their way of giving me a quiet nudge of encouragement when I was in a period of 'designers block' and was particularly low. Needless to say, I've replaced the chord time and again, but whenever I'm really needing a little bit of encouragement I put on my bracelet and it helps.

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